"Renegade Mentalist Uncovers The
Top Secret Strategies That Turn Ordinary
People Into Skilled Mind Control Experts
Practically Overnight... Guaranteed!"

"Discover The Devastating Psychological
Magic That Will Amaze Anyone & Make You
Appear To Have Superhuman Powers..."

Ever wished you could perform the same extreme mind control effects you've seen on TV?

I'm talking about the stuff that looks like real magic. Plucking memories from peoples minds, cleverly manipulating their thoughts and seemingly controlling their every decision.

These are the secrets that until now were known only to a handful of 'elite' underground mind control experts. Most ordinary people are actually convinced that this group of performers actually do possess weird supernatural abilities. Well now, for the first time, these 'special abilities' are about to be passed on to you...

After years of research, and after beating back countless experts begging me not to release it. I've put together this secret manuscript that puts you on the fast track to mastering the most extreme, straight up and in your face psychological magic effects on the planet.

Here's what you're about to learn...

1 Synchronized Arm Lift:
You blindfold one spectator and tell him to raise his hand whenever he feels the urge. You stand a second person behind him and tell him to wait as long as they like, and when they feel like it, raise their hand in a sharp upward motion.

Whenever they do, under impossible conditions the blindfolded individual raises his hand at the exact same time. This is one of my favorite effects in this book. And so easy, you can do it minutes from now.

1 Psychological Coin Prediction:
A spectator takes a coin and places it in either hand behind their back. When they bring their two fists out to the front you can instantly tell which hand the coin is in, every time.

After this you place the coin in one of your hands and are able to influence the spectator to pick the wrong hand every time. (This one is a real crowd pleaser, its always one of the most talked about effects I do)

1 Cues In The Words:
After having someone emblazon the image of a playing card in their mind. You tell them to simply say the names of the suits one after the other "hearts, spades, clubs, diamonds". When they do, you can instantly tell them the suit of the card they are thinking of.

Now they say the card values, "two, three, four.." right up to "jack, queen, king, ace." you are able to stop them the very moment they say their chosen card, every time. (I use this one all the time, a real magician fooler, simplicity isn't the word. Its almost too easy. You will do it immediately and it will fool magicians)

1 Psychic Touch:
Cause someone to feel you tap them on the arm. Even though you were stood some distance away and everyone else around is witness to the fact that you did not touch them at all. (Present this how you like, but people are going to assume you have contacts in the spirit world) 1

1 The Winning Hand:
Influence a spectators choice of 10 cards so they always choose the losing poker hand. Even with cards face up they still manage to pick the loser leaving you with the winning hand every time. (A great simple intro effect to a psychological suggestion demonstration)


Sudoku Shocker:
Ask a spectator to call out a random number. You immediately write out a quick 'sudoku like' 4x4 grid. Amazingly every line, and every combination of 4 squares inside the grid all add up to the randomly chosen number.

Do this again and again with different numbers demonstrating your ability to calculate impossible mathmatics within seconds!


Mental Marvel:
Another demonstration of your superhuman brain power. Ask anyone to call out any random date, in the past or in the future, with just a few seconds thought you tell them what day that date falls on.

You'll be ready to do this anytime, at a moments notice, for the rest of your life. A very impressive skill that never fails to amaze.


You ask anyone to simply think of any playing card. Once they have one you phone up your telepathic friend who is able to instantly tell the person the card they are thinking of. No secret moves, as simple, fair and clean looking as you like.


Strength Sapping:
You ask a strong looking volunteer to attempt to lift your small and light assistant off the ground, they can do it no problem. Now, just by saying a few choice words while stairing into their eyes you drain their strength. They are now unable to lift your assistant.


Time For Change:
You ask someone to count whatever change they have in their pockets, but before they do you want to make a prediction. After looking into their eyes for a few seconds you write your prediction on a piece of paper.

Now they count their change and whatever they have matches your prediction to the last penny.


Memory Divination:
You ask someone to think of 3 things that have happened to them in the past. Then you ask them to eliminate 2 of those memories and really strongly focus on just one of them.

You are able to tell them the exact memory they are thinking of. (This actually is real mind reading... and you will do it easily!)

1 Bonus I - Rock, Paper, Scissors:
Using simple yet subtle psychological suggestion you are able to win a game of Rock Paper Scissors three times in a row. After that you ask the spectator whether you should win, lose or draw the final round, whatever they choose is exactly what happens. (Direct, raw, impromptu mind control at its best!)

1 Bonus II - Invisible Prediction:
You hand someone a deck of cards that are still in the box. You then tell anyone in the audience just to THINK of any card. No matter what card they say, or how many times they change their mind, you spread the cards out and only ONE card is upside down -- their thought of card. This hard-hitting card trick works every time and is guaranteed to blow everyone away.

"...it really does fool magicians!"

I have to say I LOVE your thinking for the voice reading effect. I performed it for a friend of mine who is also a magician, all he could do was shake his head saying "no".

So you're right, it really does fool magicians! :)

Some of the principles you talk about have me applying totally different thinking to my magic, I'm definitely recommending this to the CardTricks101 membership.


"...cutting edge mentalism"

The Killer Mentalism Package is without a doubt the most comprehensive, cutting edge mentalism resource I have ever come across.

Kenn Ball,


Attempting to learn this kind of powerful mentalism elsewhere takes years of tedious research through countless boring and hard to find publications. Add to that the possibly $1000's you'd need to shell out just to begin the research process. That's why I decided to put together...

The Killer Mentalism Manuscript

Killer MentalismEach effect inside Killer Mentalism is broken down and explained in a clear, concise, easy to understand format. No time wasted, just straight to the point tutorials that will teach you how to perform these hard-hitting miracles today!

I have personally put every effect through real life 'in the trenches' testing to ensure maximum audience impact while all maintaining relative ease of performance.

Each one good enough to convince anyone that you possess extraordinary abilities, yet simple enough for even complete beginners to master!

Get It Today... Before Its Gone For Good!

You've made it here just in time to take advantage of this extremely limited offer. As I said before, there are many experts who don't want me to release this document at all. But I've decided to realease a limited run to gauge the reaction of the magic community.

This could be your only chance to grab a copy before it disappears for good.

This Guarded Information Is Yours Risk-Free

I want you to feel confident that this ebook WILL teach you incredible psychological magic. So I'm prepared to do what practically no other magic retailer is prepared to do, and offer you a Risk-Free, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. That's how confident I am that you will be blown away by what you're about to get.

Special Limited Offer: $29.95. If you act today you will get instant access to Killer Mentalism for just $29.95. Hurry and order now before they're all gone!

If I ever decide to bring Killer Mentalism back onto the market after this initial run, I will likely charge at least $67 for it. I truly believe its worth much more. And you will too when you see the type of reactions you get from people with this stuff!

Finally, to really sweeten the deal, I'm going to throw in these amazing extra bonuses for the next 100 11 orders...

Limited Bonus Effects When You Order Today:

Book Test - Ask someone to flick through a normal book, then to read and concentrate on the first line of a chosen page. You reveal that you’ve written exactly the same sentence your volunteer was reading.

Pseudo Hypnosis - Against their will, a spectators fingers stick together by mind control.

Flatliner - A spectator is asked to take your pulse. Soon your pulse slows down until it finally stops, dead.

Cutting cards by touch - a Spectator give you a number - you cut the cards and by touch alone you have removed that amount of cards that the spectator dictated.

Wallet, Watch & Coin - a Spectator places his wallet, Watch and coin on a table, you turn your back while he places them in different pockets - using your skills you will be able to announce what item is in what pocket.

Who's Got What - Three people select three different playing cards from a deck of cards. Without watching them, you can correctly state who has chosen which card.

All of these routines and many more are fully explained in this easy to follow step by step bonus ebook guide. You’ll have seen effects like these done on television and stage by famous illusionists. Now you can learn their secret techniques and perform these illusions yourself.

Backed 100% By A Rock Solid Guarantee!

As I said it's practically unheard of for a magic retailer to offer a money back guarantee.

But because I have personally selected and tested every routine in this manuscript, I know that you will be nothing short of delighted with what you get. So I have put together my iron clad...

"Blow Your Mind, Or Owe Me Nothing"
100% Money-Back Guarantee!


Grab this system right now, and put it to the test for a full 60 days. If you're not completely satisfied, I'll give back every penny you paid on the spot. Hassle free, no questions asked.

Instant Access!

You could be literally minutes away from your first performance. Imagine the shock on peoples faces when you're suddenly able to make the impossible happen right before their eyes! Amaze your friends, even if they are magicians themselves!

As soon as you complete your payment you will be given instant access to everything in the secure members area. But you need to order right now to be sure you don't miss out on this limited run with all the additional bonus material...

YES, I Want My Killer Mentalism Manuscript
And Bonus eBooks Right Now For Just

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Charlie 'X'.

PS. I am taking all the risk for a full 60 days! I'm so confident you'll LOVE Killer Mentalism that I'll give you 100% of your money back if you don't. Click here to start now!

PPS. Just a final reminder that you really need to act now because tomorrow this manuscript could be pulled off the market forever. And I'll not be responding to any emails begging me to sell just one more copy. Secure your copy of Killer Mentalism right now!

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